Friday, 26 January 2018

Few Unavoidable Points to Consider When Choosing Efficient Drivers for a Non- Emergency Transportation Company

Are you planning to start a Non-emergency transportation Redlands agency?
If yes, then you must realize how important having professionally skilled and experienced drivers matter for the long-term success and profitability of your business.

The major point of disappointment you can hear about owners of Non-Emergency transport companies is that they put the safety and wellness of their clients in the hands of drivers for whom they have got almost no direct oversight when they are on the road. 

Generally, proprietors have no idea that they have a bad driver working for them until something bad happens.

Even good drivers can get into trouble if they avoid having any industry experience. Consider the fact that drivers have to move quickly through congested areas, often with deadlines that, if missed, can bring about penalties.

Their passengers are physically in a fragile mode where any little mistake can hurt a lot, and one small fender-bender can be enough to cause significant stress or even death. 

It is highly important to select the drivers’ very carefully as they can build or run your business and business reputation.

Minimum Eligibility Specifications:

Here is a list of some critical features which makes a driver eligible to drive a non-emergency transportation agency in Redlands.

 The age limit should be 25 to 55. Neither below nor above the limit.

 Experience  A minimal of 5 years ALL OF US driving experience as well as 2 years of industry experience.
 12-Month MVR- No more than two moving violations within the last 12 months and no more than one preventable DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION recordable loss.
 36 Calendar month MVR- No more than two moving violations and one at-fault accident.

Usually Prohibited Violations:

Generally speaking, drivers with any of the following violations within the past 3 years should not be a part because in case of an insurance claim after any damage done, will not be granted or acceptable by insurance companies and they will be eliminated. Insurance providers may even non-renew your entire insurance plan if you have drivers with such infractions as.

  • ·Driving while drunk by alcohol or drugs
  • ·Own alcohol or drugs in a motor vehicle
  • ·Suspended permit (current)
  • ·Operating while hanging
  • ·Leaving the scene of an incident
  • ·Fleeing or eluding a law observance officer
  • ·Reckless Traveling

Although these instructions will never assure that there will be no accidents, by your drivers, they are going to certainly help you to increase the probability of being safe. 

Not many non-emergency transportation companies have a group of drivers with perfect driving records. At the very least, these instructions can help you release your stress and sleep well during the night knowing you have tried your best to choose a stronger crew of drivers.

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